Tom Gilmour doing what he does.

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Aj Linferfeldt @lingerfeldtx


Aj Linferfeldt

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Some dark art by Theo Mercier.

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Patrick Seymour

Patrick Seymour

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The outfit in that first picture, yes.

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Peter Aurisch

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Kenji Alucky

"He is Japanese and there has his basis in the studio Black Ink Power , but the tattoo artist Kenji Alucky is a traveled man and it’s one that elevates the category of tattoo art .The pointillism is his specialty in dynamic and detailed works, seeking inspiration in tribalism , or the psychedelic fractal art . 

The japanese artist invests in less conventional tattoos ,painting the inside of the fingers or palms , blending tribal art with geometric elements , visual effects that give the idea of dynamism , or even fractal art that uses fractals ( mathematical functions ) to transform the results into images . Patterns of black ink that eventually result from this huge amount of talent of Alucky that surprised us , for once again showing how various artistic techniques apply as well to the tattoo.”

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Muhammad Ali with his winnings.


Muhammad Ali with his winnings.

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Illustrations by Patrick Seymour

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Tom Flanagan @triple_denim


Tom Flanagan

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Howlin’ Wolf Tattoo

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